How portable is the portable installation?

Just like that: How portable is the portable installation of Comodo Dragon? Does such an install choice do or put anything onto the machine which runs the installer? When removal is desired can the user simply delete the folder containing the installation? Can this be “installed” portably onto a usb flash drive and then run from the flash drive? What about storage of web/internet history and any downloads? Portable locations along with CD? What about updating? Just delete the whole CD and portably install the newer version?

Hi string_game,
All information is stored in one user defined folder for the portable version.
You can copy that folder to a USB and run it from there (During install you will get the option to specify the install location).
History, cache, cookies, bookmarks etc will be stored in this folder.
Downloads location will be automatically set for the downloads folder of the system it is running on, unless otherwise specified in the Menu, Settings, Show Advanced Settings under downloads.
Updates will not automatically install, but you will get notification of any updates with the ability to manually update from the notification ( Download then Relaunch and install).
This will uninstall/overwrite the previous version keeping your settings intact.

Conclusion, the portable version is 100% portable with no added limitations to its general use.

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