How Old Is Melih? (Try guessing)

Alright, this is THE POLL of the month ;D. Try to guess Melih’s age.

For the uninitiated, Melih is the CEO of ComodoGroup who has this habit of going around in this forum (and other forums) replying to whichever post he fancies.

This poll will end 7 days from the day it started. This should be ample time for everyone to vote. At the end of this poll, Melih will reveal his true age (hopefully he will :D)and we will see whether we, members of this forum, have guessed his age correctly.

Yours truly,

p/s: On a serious note, I think he is a very responsible and responsive CEO who listens to his customers and end-users like you and me.

I say mid to high 20’s due to energy level, although being a CEO he is probably older.

I say 25-35

I voted 35-40. (R)

I voted XX :slight_smile:



What did you vote on?



Wow xx never knew you were that age wow never would have guessed xx ;D

What? XX as in 20! (:LGH)

Or perhaps that’s a clever way of saying ur 32?

I’ll go with 30-35, although x = 24th letter of the alphabet, so 2X = 48

We will never know lol, unless he tells us


c’mon now… i thought you could have done better than that!

think it thru… i am involved in security… PKI… what is the basis for RSA? Modular arithmetic! Now play with XX…

enough said!


Don’t know any of that so could you send me your age in a PM???

LOL so XX is a clue - we just got to figure it out? I’ll get right on it (:NRD)



How do you know this?

Nah… no way he’s that old. He hasn’t reached the BOFH phase yet and that hits (at the latest) around 40. I’m well into my phase (:NRD)

I like 80s music :slight_smile:

(ok no jokes on that :slight_smile: )


Well, I like swing and jazz from about 1920 on, but I wasn’t around when many of the performers were umm… performing.

You are one year younger than me.

Wait, you chose XX but isn’t X -1 the same as XX? wouldn’t we be missing the variable here? Hmmm. I may be in the wrong mod arith here.