How often you update the latest safe list?

Some of us are wondering if you’re updateing the safe list any time ~ why not; ~ why we should submit files; ~ etc.

Melih stated b4 about 3000/day added to safelist.

However, we users usually don’t get to see these updates until the next version is released (sometimes even beta releases update the database as well).

what is this safelist?

It’s the database that doesn’t generate popups under normal conditions when it attempts to connect out. For example, Internet Explorer is an application certified by Comodo. Security > Adv > Misc > Config > 2nd option. If you access the About option at the corner of the GUI, assuming you’re using CFP 2.4, it’s version 3.0 of the safelist/database.

Ah its the scan that we do for applications for Comodo do do automatic rules already?

Will 3.0 have a much bigger one than the current 2.4?

The scan for known applications is something I never quite understand since everytime I install CFP over, I found it unnecessary because the applications that I have already on the list (i.e. CFP Application Monitor is skipped directly to Network Monitor).

As for v3 over v2.4, you bet! The longer a version gets released, the bigger the database grows.

Well, in CAV v2 and CF v3 the safelist is realtime. If you have a file that is not in the safelist then it does a weblookup to see if its there or not, if not it submits… CPF v2 did not update it regulary… (for many reason :() but with v3 it will be real time and all the great help you have given us by submitting these files will be available in real time. So please keep them coming… we need them!


Sounds great! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to CF v3

Keep up the good work!


if a file size 10M or bigger…i submit it? :BNC