How often, or when should you reset the sandbox?

That’s really the question. Since legit programs go to sandbox too sometimes, how do I handle it? I assume I need to reset it sooner or later, but at the same time I don’t want to loose something important that may be in there, just because CIS did not recognize it at a time.

Thats the prob with CIS.

Its a good product but half-baked.

Like you mentioned.

No exclude feature when AV is not installed. Cloud AV detects malware so exclude option should be there.

No option to notify if FW is set to “block”.

Little things are missing in CIS but are important & will greatly enhance the usability.

Hi Maniak2000,
How often you reset the sandbox is each individual users choice.
You can keep an eye on your ‘D+ Events’ to see what sandbox events have occurred.

Note: Running a file within the sandbox is not the same as creating a file in the sandbox.
See reply 3-4 posted by wasgij6 and myself in the link below.
Unrecognized Files List

Hope that helps.

Hi yessnooo,
If the product has something missing that you would really like to see added in the future, please consider creating a wish.
BTW: Please stay on topic.


Before resetting the sandbox, can’t you save the last settings of the virtualized programs?

Not unless you know exactly how and where the program keeps it’s setting. Cis does not have any means of getting program(s) out of sandbox.

Is it really difficult to find them? I can’t believe it.
The real difficult (for me) are important data written in the registry. I wouldn’t know how saving them.