How often is mobile antimalware database updated?

Just asking, comparing comodo mobile security to let’s say Avast which is updated at least once per day, considering the fact that I checked the database version on friday (it was 37.103) and it’s the same version database today.

do you really need it every day?

do you install apps and stuff daily? i guess people don’t do so much stupid stuff on phones like we do on desktops.

conta, although malware files and apps are emerging on daily basis I didn’t say that I expect daily update nor I install apps or download files on a daily basis and it doesn’t matter who’s doing what with their phones … I just asked a simple general question out of curiosity for those familiar with Comodo’s mobile security app, how often was the mobile’s antimalware app database updated? :slight_smile:

The speed for database update is low.

series for android sms malware

Thanks for the link a256886572008, quick and regular response (database update) to a newly discovered malware is crucial for user’s safety

Hi all,

On mobile, we need to consider different parameters for updates like data consumption, interaction frequency, new malwares and severity of new threads. We do not have a fix schedule but we deliver it after serious considerations to protect you better.