how much time would comodo take for analyzing a file?

how much time would comodo take for analyzing a file after the file had been sandboxed on our computers?suppose they take too much time to do that,it would be meaningless for them to have this sandbox function.

at the moment it varies greatly I am afraid…
we are working on speeding the process up.


of course it varies,how is the anverage time for comodo to analyzing a file at the moment?and what’s comodo’s final goal on this issue?

don’t have a time scale i can give you apart from saying some could take 1 hour some could take 1 month, and this answer wont’ help you…

Final goal would be under 4 hours…but with majority within 30 min…(thats only a goal though)…

so when would u achieve your final goal on this issue?

I don’t know


As Melih says it can vary. I’ve never experienced it to take 1 month tho! much shorter in my experience :slight_smile:

I’ve had as fast as 7 minutes (i think it was… ) Normally you can report them before bed, wake up next morning and they’ll be added. I guess there must be a few exceptions though for Melih to mention 1 month!
It’s usually much sooner :slight_smile:

how can i report it,isn’t it reported automatically?how can i know wether it has been added and moved out of the sandbox?

sorry,i mean how can i know it has been added to comodo’s safe files database,adn therefore moved out of the sandbox?

Camas, Comodo Automatic Malware Analysis system. ( i think ;D)

You can also report malware and false positives (infoccrect detections here)

Hope this helps

Does Comodo show a pop up to inform the user about the submitted file after the analysis?

Not that I’ve ever noticed.

I have send files 3 weak agro and i still wait for analyze