How much support does COMODO give IceDragon?

I mainly use Dragon when browsing and store the password I can with Dragon (not Google, don’t like the idea of syncing passwords on the net).
However, I recently found that IceDragon can store more password then Dragon. Now I’m seriously thinking about switching. Unfortunately, it looks like IceDragon does not update as often as Dragon, as the Current version of Firefox is at 30 whilst IceDragon is at 26.

Does COMODO support Dragon more then IceDragon?
If not, is COMODO planning to end support in the near future?

There are bugs in Firefox 29 and 30

which are when you comment in Facebook and will change the text and put som new text in the middle og the original text then the first or the last text of the original text disapeer

Firefox has not fixed it yet >>>> they are slow