How much Mb per definition update ?

How much bandwidth will CIS-PREMIUM use ??

We live in a remote corner of NW BC, Canada. My ISP is the Telus Smart Hub which caps out at 10 Gb a month. If we go over 10 Gigs we have to unplug the smarthub until the billing period ends, because they charge per Mb and it adds up quick.

I recently bought an expensive Internet Security Suite, but I had to uninstall it because the definition updates were 100 Mb each. It sucked up my 10 Gb pretty fast.

So the bottom line: How frequently does CIS update the definitions, and how much Mb is downloaded per update

Thank You

The initial download is pretty big at about 100mb but after that, the regular updates are very small as long as you use the machine every day and receive the updates as they are released. I have seen some that were in kbs. Usually a lot less than 1mb.

OK - Thank You !!

I am really enjoying the Comodo Firewall, and Comodo browser.

The CIS is downloading right now!

Peace from Canada