How much does a digital certificate for business usage costs?

Hey Team,

I saw that quite nice $7.20/Y price on the home page but after some clicks, it’s not clear what it means. So i have to pay an $xxx for the certificate, then this price for the yearly maintance?

Maybe it’s just not clear for me, help me out, please. I’m thinking about the use of digital e-mail certificates, only. How much would that cost and how shall i navigate on the home page?

Thanks for help.



For the various pricing options etc, please email our sales people.
The email address can be found at


So as a result, i must make a deposit with a pack - as i saw, 200 is the cheapest -, then i can buy things. Quite interessting, they should create Q/A for the customer’s target (first ask what i want, then they should go on with ideas).