How much can I safely prune 250 MB from CIS 3.10.102363.531

Please advise me on the safety or otherwise of my proposed “hit list” below :-

C:\CIS_Setup_3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32.exe 79,033,104
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\repair 71,113,873
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security
cfp.russian.chm 5,395,868
cfp.chinese.chm 4,749,703
HopSurf.exe 3,187,392
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Translations 5,457,321 EXCEPTING :-
cfp.english.lang.template 200,000
cfpconfg.english.lang.template 31,572
cfplogvw.english.lang.template 18,449
cfpupdat.english.lang.template 5,452
cavscan.english.lang.template 5,390

I would also appreciate advice upon anything else I can do to trim down the space taken on C:\ by Comodo.

I am strongly tempted to move the entire 106 MByte folder Scanners from C:\ to a different archive partition and replace it with a reparse point.
I note that apart from 2 of DLL files the entire contents are CAV compressed files, so I assume the extra delay of jumping through a reparse point will not be noticeable.
I also assume this is only used for a scheduled or manual SCAN, and is not relevant to real time “on access” virus protection.
Would it be better to leave the scanners folder as is, and only move the 103 MB bases.cav file to the archive partition ?
I also hope that Comodo’s file protection will still apply in the new location - but will not proceed without confirmation.

I often make complete system drive C:\ backup images in case I or Patch Tuesday do something wrong.

I have recently halved the size of the images (and the time taken) by removing stuff I do not need,
and by shifting an even larger quantity of stuff I do need to an archive partition and replacing its old location with a reparse point so almost everything does not realise it is no longer on C:\ (but of course Acronis is not fooled, and its backup now holds the reparse point and not the target folders.)

The large increase in space taken on C:\ by replacing ESET NOD32 and Comodo Firewall with the complete integrated package of CIS is causing me emotional distress which is only partially removed by avoiding ESET renewal fees. My emotional healing will be complete if I can remove 100 MB, and I will be overjoyed if I can also move the entire scanners folder, or at least the 103 MB bases.cav file, to the archive partition.


who cares about hard drive space, most HDs today are well over 100GB, 100mb is a drop in the bucket, or roughly .001% of the total hard drive space.

That is so stupidly wrong and irrelevant :-

  1. The number you were trying to calculate is 0.1%, and not 0.001%
  2. The number you SHOULD be calculating is 10,000 times larger, i.e. 10% and not 0.001%

You failed to appreciate the benefits of keeping the system partition small.
Did you not read what I said about halving the size of backup archive images ?

The size of my Hard drive ( 160 GB ) is totally irrelevant.
It is divided into several partitions for various purposes, the largest of which is for backup archive images.
System drive C:\ is a 15 GB partition, most of which is (was) empty.
I used reparse points to greatly reduce the “Used Space” in Drive C:,
and as a result my backup drive image of C:\ is (was ) 2.48 GB
Hence by asking for a 250 MB reduction I am asking for a 10% reduction, not 0.001%


and you fail to realize that .001% is 100GB divided by 100MB, so basically irrelevant to try to remove that much. Also there is no advantage to having small partitions. And by making your partition so small your operation system is also calculating your page file smaller and could actually make your computer actually slower.

To quote Gigabyte - Wikipedia gigabyte means … 1073741824 bytes
and Megabyte - Wikipedia Megabyte … (1024×1024 or 1048576) bytes

Simple long division shows that 100 GB diviided by 100 MB == 1024
which is 1024 * 100,000 larger than the 0.001% you quoted.

You probably intended that 0.001% is 100 MB divided by 100 GB,
but my calculator shows the result of 1/1024 = 0.0009765625 as an absolute ratio
and as a percentage I merely knock off two zeroes to get 0.09765625 %
which is 97 times larger than you computed.

So far as my pagefile is concerned, that is 1.5 times my RAM, and is not restricted by the size of my partition C:, which as I stated is 15 GB.
n.b. As originally shipped by ACER with a pre-installed XP Home edition
my laptop had a 30 GB Internal hard drive and the System partition C:\ was 18 GB
I have replaced the hard drive with 160 GB and very slightly shrunk C:\ down to 15 GB,
and by careful use of reparse points I have far more free space in C:\ than when this P.C. was shipped.

Task manager shows that after 5 hours use manipulating files and folders,
and creating Archive images and restoring the same to a “spare” partition,
and surfing the internet and updating Firefox and some add-ons,
my peak useage of memory is only 40568, with a limit of 1514188,
i.e. I would need to use 3 times as much RAM before stuff has to be swapped with the pagefile.

I do not believe that making the partition smaller would reduce the speed.
I do believe that if I had your attitude, then with twice as much stuff present in C:,
it would take twice as long to access any file because the hard drive would have twice the seek time for travelling from the innermost file to the outermost file, and therefore twice as long for travelling from the typical “current” file to the typical “next” file.

Regardless of speed, my concern is that 250 MB of “redundant” stuff is swelling my Acronis image by 10% more than the 2500 MB size I had got it down to. I did not spend weeks carefully pruning 2500 Mb from an original 5000 MB so that Comodo could bloat it up with 250 MB that is PROBABLY not needed now it is installed.


Yes, there is stuff in there you don’t need, like the language files.

However, you can’t get rid of them. CIS realizes the files are gone and wants to update itself to get them back. You can’t even rename a smaller file to replace the big .chm files for languages you’ll never use because CIS watches that as well and will still want to update and “fix” those files… >:(

You could definitely get rid of the setup file, but all the other things I’m almost positive have to stay where they are.

Thank you HeffeD

Would I have any luck using Safe mode and/or disabling all Comodo protection (Internet disconnected) ?

Somewhere I read advice that a Repair operation would be much quicker if I copied …\Scanners\Bases.cav (103 MB) over …\Repair\Bases.cav (51.5 MB)
Is …\Repair excluded from protection against change, or is that advice mistaken ?

Incidentally, how do I do a repair ?
The existing help file does not indicate any such facility.
I cannot see it as an option in any menu;
does it appear under diagnostics if there is an error ?
or does Comodo now automatically repair itself without allowing me to be involved ?

Thank you Dch48

So far I have renamed the setup file.
Control Panel Add / Remove still offers the ability to Remove / Alter / etc the Comodo application,
and CCleaner Registry scan found one MUI cache error, but no installer errors,
so I guess any un-install is self contained with
““C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe” -u”.
I guess / hope that should I ever need the setup file I will still be able to download it.


I completely deleted the setup file and I can still uninstall or modify CIS. I don’t think you need it at all since you can always get the latest one from the website. You wouldn’t want an earlier version since they no longer receive updates.

Thank you Dch48

I have now followed your lead - I am no trail-blazer.
Patch Tuesdays give me more excitement than I can handle ! !


Hey Dch48,

I am running CIS 3.8.64739.471. It tells me there is an update available, but when I click on it to actually get the update - it gives me “ERROR 108”.
I do not know what to do to fix this, any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated!!

Tnx a bunch,

That’s probably because 3.8 can’t be auto updated any more. You’ll probably have to uninstall it and get the latest version from the website. It’s a little tricky right now to find the free version but if you click on antivirus or firewall it should take you to the right place.

Or you can get 3.10.102363.531 here on the forum.