How much bandwidth is used by Comodo AV?

How much bandwidth is used by Comodo AV since it’s cloud based?
NOTE: my ISP is capped.

What if the internet is disconnected, does CAV still work???
Avira does not not have this problem at least - too many little popup windows & slow manual scans.

Comodo AV is not cloud only. it has local signatures as well. it just checks unknown files in the cloud to see if they are safe or malicious.

if you disconnect from the internet CAV will work just fine.

I dont know how much bandwidth it uses

Thanks for the quick info 8)

In your opinion is the Intel i7 4770k worth the extra $100 or so bucks vs the i5?
(will be used for web/graphic design - no games)

I’m still on XP & just might give-up & go Linux in April 8(

i think the i5 will work just fine for you and is probably the best for the money. i think the graphics card will make a bigger difference.

Thanks for the quick advice 8)

TIP: On graphics cards 1gig or more w/ the better DDR5 memory. Go w/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti w/CUDA Cores or better. The reason for this due to most of the adobe plugins takes advantage of the CUDA Cores. Corel & Sony both has excellent video editors that works great w/ AMD/ATI cards.

Quadro Workstation graphics cards does not excel at video editing; they excel at 3D & filter effect rendering. AMD/ATI workstation graphics cards might be a better choice, but this depends on the application.

CIS 6 will take 150 MB during the first update and then only a small amount after. After the first update I would not worry too much about bandwidth usage. Go to a library for the first update so it does not count against your data cap.

Thanks for the advice 8)
Bummer, I need the power of a desktop :wink:

It is actually closer to 200MB which would take every byte from a Hughesnet daily limit for some pre-Gen4 plans.

Although I’ve been told that it only does this initially, it’s been hard for me to confirm since I’m on Gen4 now, but it sure UPDATES SLOWLY such that it implies it is doing the big download again for every update. Maybe there’s a way to assert a Normal priority for the update task vs. “Background” and that will make it work faster?

If the update is slow for you then it is probably your connection. I reinstalled CIS and I downloaded the signatures at 800 KB/s. Try finding free wifi to download the initial update. Otherwise use Comodo firewall and you will still have the auto-sandbox but no signatures.

can you check with a task manager or similar program (Killswitch, Processhacker etc) to see if it redownloads the full database each time?

Long story short I went back to Avira due to CAV downloaded a new database every time I ran a scan. Also CAV does not have a Boot & Active Scans like Avira has.

The quick scan in CAV may be doing active scans also? Anyway I like the minimal pop-ups 8)

Fix the giant db downloads & I’ll be back :wink:

Keep up the good work folks 8)

Are you using EMET on your systems by any chance? We have a report by one of our members that EMET is causing CIS to download the full database each time it updates the av database.

Actually its not EMET its a particular settings in EMET

If you mean: The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) ?
Then no.

On the bright side it was a Firefox plug-in that loaded into memory causing slow downs with Avira Free.

Comodo AV (NOT CIS) did not cause this effect for some odd reason?