How may I export the Firewall Event "Protocol" Column ? - Firewall, W

When I view the Firewall Events, and also the Log Viewer,
the third column is “Protocol”, between “Action” and “Source IP”.

When I export as HTML I can read it in Firefox, then I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet. Both Firefox and the spreadsheet agree with one-another, and both omit the essential “Protocol” column.

Is this a bug in ?
Is there any way I can get this data into my spreadsheet (other than manually typing 2000+ entries) ?
n.b. I really want to export a c.s.v. file to put directly into the spreadsheet, but I am happy to use Firefox, or any HTML browser you recommend, as a means to this end - I just don’t want to lose this data.


This is an ongoing bug in the export function.


Thanks for the prompt response


New version released, v…

Josh. Locked :slight_smile: