How many users does CIS have in the world?

I think CIS is the most powerful security app that I’ve ever met. :-TU

I found that some of my friends also have CIS to get protection now:-*.They didn’t heard of COMODO before. :wink:

I am curious that is there any statistic figure to show the user number of CIS(both free and paid) now ???

Im not sure but I’ve seen in the website that more than 25 million users have a COMODO security product.

"Today, the Comodo family of companies is Creating Trust Online® in over 100 countries with:

over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software "

Thanks you, spywar.

I think it’s more than 25 million now ~>:-D

Ya that could be good… An article on it by Melih could help out… What say Melih…? :wink:

i dont think this would have a straight easy answer. does the website also count how many people uninstall comodo and does it count downloads from third party sources like filehippo

How many users not how many intallations :stuck_out_tongue: If is 25 intallations all over the word than is maybe 10 or 15 million of users…

Maybe comodo can get an approximate number when CIS clients updating the virus-database.