How many times I'll be able to (re)install purchased CIS Complete 2012?..

Sorry for my English… And I don’t know if I choosed right place to start this topic…
Please tell me…
How many times I’ll be able to (re)install COMODO InterNET Security Complete 2012 during next purchased year using one license key?.. Only 3???

Do you mean reinstall on the same computer?

First of all, I don’t understand a bit, how it actually happens, how CIS knows that the computer’s the same or not.?. Then - yes, I mean (re)install the CIS on the same computer… I ask because I like to often and completely reinstall all system (please don’t ask why)… And another question: What will happen if I’ll install the CIS (and use my license key) on a wrong computer, not on the computer on which I want it to be installed?.. Or if I’ll install the CIS completely and correctly but then I just will change my old computer to a new (and will must to reinstall it).?. What if it happens more than three times?..

Nobody help me with my questions?..

Name: Jack



Jack (02/10/12 09:54:21): Hi! My name is Jack. How may I assist you today?
Client (02/10/12 09:54:34): Hi…
Client (02/10/12 09:55:05): First of all - sorry for my English, I’m not so strong in it…
Client (02/10/12 09:56:26): About a week ago I have purchased COMODO CIS and now have a qoestion that have already asked on a forum, but don’t get an ansver… Can You look here:;msg582802#msg582802
Client (02/10/12 09:56:57): Please…
Jack (02/10/12 09:58:18): You don’t have a limited number of installlation processes.
Client (02/10/12 09:59:16): You meen that on the same computer I can reinstal completly system and CIS unlimited times while next year?..
Jack (02/10/12 09:59:35): Yes
Client (02/10/12 10:00:21): But how CIS understands that computer the same?.. Wat if I just bought new motherboard and processor?..
IN-THAT-MOMENT: Intervention session completed.[i]

Is he dropped me?.. I don’t know…[/i] But… I have my answer!..

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I assume that the key has to be activated over the internet, so therefore as long as the key is only active on 3 systems at the same time, within the one year, then it’s fine. That way it wouldn’t matter if it was installed on the same computer, or on a different computer. What’s really important is how many computers are active with at the same time with the same key.

I could be wrong, but that’s my interpretation.