How many percent of your emails would you like to make public?

pls tell us how many % of your emails you would like to make public!


Honestly, i wouldn’t care if everyone could read my emails…

Because I Don’t Put Anything That Could Turn Out To Be A Threat To Me Or The Person I’m Sending Too…

But There Is This One Account That I Have So Much “Security” On It, I Highly Doubt Anyone That Got Hold Of Them Could Even Read It lol ( Thanks To Comodo and My Genius Creation)



If I wanted everyone to see I’d post a blog! Emails a personal >.> You don’t go through somebodies mail box in real life for the same reasons!

When you send an email even if you can manage to have it read only by the intended recipient you’ll have no control over what the recipient will do.
In the end you have to trust him to follow netiquette.

I voted All. I’m not particularly happy to have my private emails made public but I’m not particularly concerned about it.

Like with verbal communication in open spaces there is always a chance that someone will hear it.
This don’t make us whisper everything and most of the times we cope with the fact that a stranger can overhear us, after all not all we say is relevant to everyone.

I’m not sure i understand you’re intentions with this question.

My interpretation caused me to answer none, here’s why:

I want full privacy, no-one should be able to see what i have written in my email except the reciever. But here it comes.

The reciever should not have to run through any hoops the be able to read the mail, it should be equally as transparent as regular mail is right now.

I will explain my intentions later on once we have some more voting on this.

The answer is “100% - % of emails that you would like to encrypt” :wink:

Since most of the e-mails I get are worthless spam, I think I wouldn’t really mind.

Still, I think, every private e-mail should be a PRIVATE e-mail. Why? Because a good amount of e-mails are love mails (or somewhat related, you know what I mean?)

So, according to the Beatles’ white album, Hide anyone xcept me, myself and my monkey etc.

Just a joke.

No, i don’t think most of us have anything to hide, it’s just, not anybody out there wants to be an international superstar.

e-mails are letters.
if letters are not private, well, I guess, the original sense of writing letters will be lost forever.
Keenly awaiting Melih’s explanations on this…


It depends how you class emails are they a postcard or a letter.

if Emails were meant to be public they would already be made where EVERY person could view them :wink: Emails are meant to be private that’s why they were made to message 1 person not every person ;D

I want none to be public, anymore than I want my private conversations with my family members tapped by others on the telephone. That in no way means that I break the law; it’s a matter of privacy. I have advertised my PGP key in all my emails for years. The sad thing is that NOT ONE PERSON seems interested. CHUCK