How many percent of your emails would you like to encrypt?

How many percent of your emails would you like to encrypt?

pls vote…


I voted none.
I would still like to digitally sign my emails though.

I voted 75%.

I Like Digitally Signing & Encrypting SPECIFIC Emails but not all. Eg: If I send an email to my girlfriend or a top secret, etc.

More around 50-75%.


Indeed, there should be a second poll asking for digital signatures. This could be a mroe reliable way to fight SPAM.



Every packet sent over the Internets should be end-to-end encrypted, period .

Hey yeah, Gordon, you are right, totally right, but it ai’nt so, and it certainly won’t be so.
And you know why.

Cheers though, friend.


I already encrypt my emails :slight_smile:

I encrypt all but low profile ones …


If your a business user I believe all emails should be encrypted & digitally signed.


Well, I almost don’t encrypt any of my email messages, mainly because the receiving end probably won’t know how to decrypt them… however, I am signing most of them (and I hope at some point, somebody will ask me what does the “funny” characters block at the end of the message means).

But the question is: x.509 or OpenPGP ?

Anyway, I am suscribed to a mailing list about PGP, and there are discussion about when it is a very bad idea to send encrypted messages… So I would say, remember some people may live in a contry where human rights are not something granted…

I have not important emails,so never encrypt them.
Maybe when I become a employee,I will encrypt them.