How many Operational Bugs have you had in the last 6 months

Following my earlier post, Comodo Forum “whinging” (and I am honest enough to admit it is a semi-whinge) about the non stop bugs, I was asked to try making a poll. So here it is.

Just to clear up some terminology:

When I say bugs: I mean features that have been implemented and are meant to work. I do not mean things on the wishlist or some such. So please keep that in mind. As long as its working as it is meant to, then its not a bug.
So for instance, if Ad-aware was not being recognised as a safe program (and hence getting automatic rule creation), that is NOT a bug. Just a case of it not being added to the safe list yet.
(Note: if you discovered that it was on the safelist, but not being recognised then that could be classified as a bug).
If on the other hand, you try to define a trusted zone and inputted everything properly and that did not work, then thats a bug.

When I say Operational: I mean things that affect the actual operational parts of the program. That is to say, things that stop the firewall from doings it job at the most basic level - ie blocking/monitoring and allowing traffic. This obviously does not include the look or the feel of the program - which everyone likes differently.

If you misconfigured Comodo, then please remember this does not count as a bug!

I am TRYING to be as fair as I can about this poll

If any mods/admin can see anyway to make this poll more clearer or fairer, PLEASE edit it so it does so. Its not meant to be a bashing thread.