How many new users do our Firewall get a week?

Just would like to see the user’s perception of how many new users join the Comodo family every week please.

thank you for taking part.


Since you have Higher at the top. How about Lower at the bottom.You don’t want to skew our votes do you? :slight_smile:

Or are you trying to make a business case? ;D


That sure is a major business concern.

Maybe including a little spyware in CPF releases would do the job?

hard to say. I use to believe for example that Firefox had over 30 % market share, having almost no competitors apart from Opera against miserable IE7, and it’s got in fact 15, when IE keeps more than 80. Considering that there are many more protagonists in the firewall and security software market in general, even when Comodo products are very attractive (free/powerful), I wouldn’t say tens of thousands new users every week. But since you ask the question, it already means that a rather higher number than expected will be what you’ve got on your server’s stats.

I voted 25,000. I just read Melih’s latest post on the subject:

So, I was wrong :o

Waiting for more! (CAVS v3, TC).


I’m just guessing…


Lol :slight_smile:

There is nothing to guess 88)

Greetz, Red.

users or downloads!? Firefox also use this “measurement method” - Millions downloads. I personally downloaded Firefox builds 20 times and… still use Opera ;D

I believe that Melih has said that this count is the number of license activations, not just downloads. The license activation occurs during the installation.

Fingers crossed my memory is ok.

Ewen :slight_smile:

but of course! who can uninstall app that wasn’t installed (activated)? :wink:

when I said “20 downloads” that was “20dl+20insts+20uninsts”

This is installations. We can’t measure downloads as many magazines give away our firewall in their Cover DVDs etc.

So this is how many unique people who have installed it in their machines each week!


can you tell how many people uninstall it?