How many have UNINSTALLED V3?

OK - I’ve had it with V3 as it crashes, and I cannot figure out how to set options (plus it doesn’t obey the options), and I don’t really see ANY benefit over V2 — the flaws that bothered me most in V2 are still in V3 or are worse (mainly the user interface and logs and ability to customize/sort columns).
This V3 is ill-conceived and implemented.

To those who think V3 improves on resource use - you aren’t looking at the right #s - check the VIRTUAL memory used by V3 and you’ll see it uses WAY MORE memory than V2.

I have actually uninstalled it a couple of times and had lots of problems with RC1. Reinstalled after I understood the problems a bit better from the forum. I am behind a NAT router and make images of my system with Acronis True Image, so can afford to work through some problems. The effort actually discovered some other issues with my system due to UAC, so turning that off helped a bunch of things. My alternative is Vista Firewall, since Zone Alarm is amazingly slow and has not had a new Vista release in 6 months. Only one remaining significant discrepancy: “ask” does not work at all for the firewall. But using “block” and looking at the log does most of what I need. For next version, will update my image and continue to use Comodo until I hit a showstopper that we can’t resolve.

I had so many major problems, starting with a conflict between Comodo Firewall and BOClean and ending with Comodo shutting down pen input on my Tablet PC that I will never touch another Comodo product. With security, the last thing I need to worry about is if my security software is well written.

I have gone back to ZoneAlarm and SpyBot SD instead of Comodo Firewall and BOClean. When Comodo AntiVirus gets out of beta I will ignore it in favor of Avast. I have issues with all those products but they are minor issues of design, not major issues of system stability like I encountered with Comodo.

It’s unfortunate, because I’ve been running v2.x on my XP computers without a problem and I was looking forward to v3.x so that I could add it to my Vista machine.

Oh well.

More than once I thought about going back to 2.4 but I think there it will need two or three updates until it is as usable as 2.4.
However I didn’t migrate the machines of my friends and family yet. They stay 2.4 until I’m happy with v3 :slight_smile:

I’m running the last BETA of CFP3 just fine, I’ll wait til the patch is released before I’ll upgrade.


I have the v3 running in 2 computers with out any problem.

In my main computer and in one tablet lenovo. In the tablet I was previus install the old version of outpost firewall, and replace it with comodo v3 that seams very good and powerfull.

But you guys you did not give comodo some time to learn it and be familiare with it.
It is a complicate think to have somthing to check all the hooks of the computer.
So maybe there is some problems but I am sure comodo wihh fix them all.

i’ve had some problems at first, but i’m not afraid of them - booting into safe mode makes no annoyance to me… a little Defence+ tweaking - and now everything runs just fine! i even installed Comodo on my girlfriend’s computer, she ain’t no advanced user, still she don’t complain a single word! Of course i configured it properly so she has almost no alerts, and if she has - CFP’s advices help her to make the right decision without calling me :smiley: I didn’t like CF 2.4 (at least when my system crashed (not CF to blame) i reverted back to ZA7) - it had no HIPS features and was kinda colorful… But CFP3 beats the crap out of every other firewall out there, hell of a stuff :wink:

Uninstalled V3 after it kept my pc from starting normally. Functionality was fine, but caused some system problem that did not go away after uninstalling and reinstalling. Greatly disappointed. Went back to the Windows firewall temporarily while downloading and loading up Kubuntu version of Linux partitioned on the HD. Rather spend my time learning the OS as opposed to just Windows security issues. So my fix is connecting to the internet via Linux and using XP while disconnected from the net for a few Windows programs I need to run…

I had to do a system restore as v3 was preventing my Nero 8 from functioning properly - tried to reinstall but it wouldn’t let me. said it was already there (it wasn’t) and did I want to uninstall. I said yes but it wouldn’t let me! I got some message about going to DOS! I cleaned out the registry but still cannot install 3.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

More on this - i tried the manual uninstall but because the files are not actually there not surprisingly that failed. If I look at Security Centre via Control panel it tells me Comodo Firewall Pro is running! (XP SP2). Back to the registry to see if I can find something else there.

Yes, I’m still using V3, but I do see some performance and program issues. Right now, I know COMODO team is hard at work trying to fix up such problems, but its just taking so long.

If problems aren’t fixed, I might need to switch to 2.4 or some other firewall for system stability and familiarity in program, such as Online Armor or ZoneAlarm. I so wish that it does not come to that.

None of the above choices. But I have uninstalled CPF3 because it can’t do one must have thing for me. I am told a patch will come out soon and back to comodo I go. While CPF2.4 worked well for me, I don’t want to go through the agony of training 2.4 again as it is a rather intrusive firewall to train while CPF3 is far less intrusive. So I am running another small footprint firewall for the short time it takes to get the patch that fixes my problem.

Maybe risky short term but its a pain vs gain risk I am taking after trying a new non comodo firewall that crashed my computer in a matter of days. And took forever to get uninstalled.

I’m uninstalling 3.0 and going back to 2.4. I’ve always loved CFP 2.x, but 3.0 has just been too problematic for me. It definitely has it’s advantages over 2.x, but too many problems like ignoring rules, blocking stuff on it’s own without alerting, log viewer doesn’t update in real-time, etc, I don’t even wish to find all of the bugs in it. I feel it is more like a beta product and perhaps should’ve been labeled as such.
Despite being a power user I also feel the UI is too complex (or more complex than 2.x), there’s too many unneeded options and screens/dialogs scattered all over, whereas in 2.x I feel it is much more straightforward to find things.
Lastly, in my opinion, the whole new Defense+ protection is way overdone. Not to mention the endless flood of alerts you get with it on even in default settings; it even seems to repeatedly ask about the same things. I’m not saying that protection such as “Defense+” is unneeded, but it’s really overkill in a firewall and beyond the scope of what it should do. Firewalls shouldn’t scan files and the like, firewall != AV, and CFP isn’t being presented as a suite. Comodo has an antivirus/spyware product, so I don’t understand why they put such protection in their firewall instead of only in their AV. Seems to me a PC running both Comodo Firewall and Antivirus will be doing double work.
The extra-protections in 2.4 like component checking, injections, memory modifications etc were enough IMO, and beyond that is probably overdoing things, in a firewall. As it is, 2.4 doesn’t flood and drown you with alerts and still protects very nicely, so I’m staying with it.
I don’t think Comodo is going to re/move Defense+ seeing as i seems to be their prime (and pride) feature of CPF 3.0, but that doesn’t mean I won’t return to 3.0 in the future after a few versions and the bugs are fixed and the firewall is improved, since you can thankfully disable Defense+ entirely.

I’ve gone back to v2 for the time being, with SSM free for HIPS. Not because of any bugs or conflicts (although the crashes were a bit tiring), but because the interface is so terrible. I have posted about my thoughts on the interface, as have others, and Melih has responded to it, so I have hope that the interface will be more usable in the future. When that is the case, I shall return to v3. :slight_smile: