how many days I must waiting for a serial number for Comodo Firewall


Good day to all.

I already sent an e-mail to support and up to now nobody dind´t reply my message so today is my last day to register so who can help me…please.

thanks in advanced.
best regards

Send a private message at Melih. He will help you

pandlouk good night…so many thks for your message otherwise I would like to know if can inform to me the e-mail of her.

thks in advanced.

it should have been with you in minutes…
something must be wrong:
do you have an antispam program that eats up mail?
if not, pls apply again (you can apply as many times as you like :slight_smile: ) and see if you get it.


Mr. Melih good day.

I don’t have any spyware(spyboot last version and update is running as perfect on my pc) at my computer which has a service pack from microsoft windows xp professional., also I have nod32 updated and I can’t understand why up to now I dind’t receiced my serial number…so what you suggest?

best regards

the serial was received in good order at my e-mail address., so I would like to say thks a lot to people from ComodoGroup.

best regards