How many Comodo Products do you use?

Hi all.

How many Comodo products do you use?

I would like to see how many Melih uses too ;D

I use 3 Comodo Products:

  • Comodo Firewall
  • Comodo EasyVPN
  • Comodo Backup

PS: I think I posted this in the correct place.

1 Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall (including Defense plus).
Comodo TrustConnect (free subscription).

Tried these before refusing to use them due to problems they caused (or bugs) though i needed functionality they provide :
Comodo EasyVPN
Comodo Backup

Tried also these, but i no longer need (as of now) functionality they provide :
Comodo System\Registry Cleaner
Comodo Verification Engine

At the moment, I haven’t used EasyVPN yet and just trying out Backup.

Only 1
Comodo Internet Security full suite.

I have tried CTM, Comodo Antispam, and Comodo Dragon but uninstalled them due to bugs and features I found to be too aggressive or just not needed.

CIS with AV disabled.

Some of the others I don’t need, or I have found better options.

  • The formidable CIS package.
  • The fantastic Verification Engine.

Persent : Comodo Internet security

Past : (with) Comodo System Cleaner


Comodo System Cleaner & Comodo Internet Security.

COMODO File CRC (from CSC 1.1) :-TU
CLT (and BOTester) ;D

Missing CVA :cry:

Tried EasyVPN; I like it, but too many services/processes and too few contacts. :o

I use

Comodo Internet Security
Comodo System Cleaner
Comodo Trustconnect <—occasionally
Comodo Time Machine
Coming soon… Comodo backup
and eventually Comodo Dragon, but only if the can get “adblock plus” to work and “noscript”. Then I’m in and will get rid of firefox for good

CIS (Firewall, Antivirus, D+)
Comodo system cleaner - Not a fan of this one but it’s better than nothing