How many CiS-Proccesses is running in Windows Task Manager?

Hi all! Can you please confirm if all proccesses are listed in Task Manager or is some missing? Thanx!
Running Comodo Internet Security Premium,the latest updated version 6!

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CIS has a more modular process system than it had previously.

As such, the number of CIS processes will change depending on what it is doing at the time.

For a full explanation:

And cavwp.exe continues to run even when the AV hasn’t been installed…

Good question. I didn’t know there is an instance of cavwp.exe running with Firewall installation Is it just idling or actually taking up resources? Do you know if that is both with 6.0 and 6.1?

Unfortunately, it chews resources and is completely unnecessary on a firewall only installation, but such is the way with the ‘kitchen sink’ approach to security.

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It’s truly odd. With CIS being more modular it makes no sense to have an unneeded module at work. It defeats purpose in my view…

4 processes are always there whether you install CAV or not. I dont know how many processes will be there if only CAV is installed?

Rest processes depends on what is run like VK, etc…

I have two instances of cis.exe on my win 7 pro x64
latest comodo cis 2015 02. update

Do you have a CIS window open? That would explain it.