How Long will Comodo try to provide Support for XP users ?

I know Comodo would like to provide support for XP users as long as they can, and each software is different.

I don’t think just because Microsoft dropped XP update support, that Comodo will follow.
XP still has a large amount of users, but the one item Comodo cannot control is updates to the programming software they use and what supports it.

I am just coming across this for the first time. Avira would download updates but they would not install. From reading Answers.Avira I found that the error I got Illegal Instruction 0xc000001d was because programming software SSE2 is not supported by my older XP.
In this instance at least I had 2 work arounds. Download the last version or do manual updates (which I preferred.)

In trying to install the latest Dragon version the Dragon Setup file I received the same Illegal Instruction message. Not sure what was causing it, but guessing updated programming software.

I know all those that still need to run XP are counting on Comodo to provide work arounds if tests for new versions of Dragon or CIS show problems in XP…

And IF they know let us know before we download and try to install. With alternative solutions !


Uncle Doug. JoWa thinks your problems are related to your CPU rather than programs no longer supporting XP:

Can you check with CPU-Z if your CPU supports SSE2?

Comodo is still fully supporting XP. We don’t know when Comodo would stop supporting XP.

Besides the requirement for SSE2, which means you need either an Intel Pentium 4 or later,¹ or AMD Opteron or later, to run Chromium 35+, upstream support for Windows XP is coming to an end.¹ ²

¹ Download & install Google Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help
² Google Chrome Blog: Extending Chrome support for XP users until April 2015


Had a hunch it was this OLD PC the only reason I mentioned XP was that this was probably the OS with this processor. I doubt it but possibly a few Windows 7.

Not sure what the programmers did at Avira but the Illegal Instruction that I and others received trying to install updates no longer is a problem.

Not sure how long it will be before I am able to purchase a New PC. to I will need to adapt the Browser and Security programs. Hopefully I can limp along for another 1-2 years, and IF I have problems with the Comodo software I use because of the age of my processor and XP,
I will ask for Free Alternatives. But I hope that time will not come soon !


SSE2 is no longer required: