How long will CIS5 be supported with updates?

Hi guys.

I was just wondering: for how long time will you from comodo support cis5 with core and database updates?

My concern is that I dont see me swiching to cis6 for the next few years…

I would expect database updates to be supported for a while, but I don’t foresee them releasing any core updates because they will be working on CIS 6…

Exactly this. It’s the way of things with Security applications.

does anybody knows the date that comodo will stop updating cis5?

the date guys, the DATE… or, atleast, the year…?

If you mean core program updates, that time is probably already here. The AV signatures should continue to update for quite a while.

Even when the av updates stop you can still pair comodo with an alternative av of your choice.

If you are referring to program updates for CIS 5 then they stopped. I can’t find the quote right now though.

AV database is the same on v5 and v6 and added to that Comodo’s history of supporting older av database formats I would not worry about that.

thats nice. so ill be abble to stick in cis5 until comodo releases cis7 with a better ui, better cpu and ram usage.

I cannot see comodo running any better than it is at the moment.There is hardly any cpu or ram usage at my end so maybe you have other software that is conflicting somewhere.

Same here. CIS6 is very light on my resources, never using more than about 18mb of RAM and never causing any CPU usage issues.

Check here
It’s in Italian, but it’s quite understandable.
It’s a test made to check how light on resources most antivirus / internet suite are.
You can check the difference with last year test

On the same website, you can find the comparison about malware detection.

Not sure where you get 18MB. The image below has CIS 6 at the top and CIS 5 at the bottom. Both have the same windows open and both are just firewall only installations - No AV/HIPS/BB/TVL etc. Also, the version 5 stats are from running for the last 10 or so hours. The version 6 are for the last hour.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I get it from the Task Manager which on show all processes shows only 5 entries for CIS.

cavwp.exe -------- 10.2 mb
cis.exe ------------- 1.55 mb
cistray.exe --------- 1.68 mb
cmdagent.exe ----- 2.95 mb
cmdvirth.exe -------- 1.3 mb

Total ------------------ 17.68 mb

This is with the full suite installed.

Unfortunately, the information displayed in Task Manager is only half the story. At the very least you need to use resource Monitor but you’re better off using something like Process Explorer or Process Hacker.