how long the submitted file can be added into virus database?

i had submitted a virus sample to comodo via CAVS quarantine submit option about 1 week ago, and CAVS still can’t detect it.
i attached the virus file here, (i removed the .exe extension) incase someone wanna examine it ;D.


[attachment deleted by admin]


On VirusTotal (, only Ikarus detected it:

Ikarus T3.1.1.12 2007.10.08

File size: 14680 bytes
MD5: 61c8f1b943cd9fbb096704871800082a
SHA1: caffc0e59010b23225e4997724b28925263b4190


cool, so this virus total can detect this indonesian local virus.
i’m not infected by this virus, i ask my friend to email it to me.

Hi Ganda,
we analysed this file and don’t see any malware behavior in this and therefore it has not been added to CAV.


i don’t get it ???
my friend said, he was infected by this ‘crap’ through flashdisk, the icon was like a plain folder icon (yellow/brown folder) and he was sure that he didn’t click on it.
it’s not malicious/destructive, but really annoying (and it infects another computer through flash drive), it makes a message on comp desktop (in indonesian) : this is not a virus, but a new style of advertising, something like that and it gives a boutique address. ;D . then it’s just a stupid ad? or maybe my friend was making fun of me? i’ll kill him ;D but why virus total marked it as virus? btw thx for the reply Umesh.