How long should installation on a virtual host take?

Received our certificate from Comodo a couple of weeks ago and forwarded it to our ISP. We were promised an installation within 4 business days, but so far 14 days have passed and the task is still unfinished. Repeated calls to technical support have yielded promises of “just 12 more hours” and excuses that it is a long, drawn out process.

I’ve given up and I’m switching to a new hosting company with a virtual server and will do the installation myself. I know one shouldn’t expect much from a $40 per month virtual host, but this seems excessive. Are they being unreasonable, or is it normal for an installation on a virtual host to require weeks to accomplish? I’ve read the installation instructions, and it looks like something I can do in under an hour.

Hello Scott,

The installation of the ssl should not take 14 days if your web host is properly configured to handle ssl certificates in a shared environment.

If you are technically savy the instructions for installation can be used to sucessfully install your ssl with minimum time.

You can find knowledge base articles at our support site for various web server installations and csr generations.

Also we do provide phone support to assist with the installation of the ssl.