How long should I wait?

Last week my fire-wall updated to v3 and my system became unstable so after trying to figure it all out I decided to revert back to v2.4 and wait for all the bugs to be fixed.
All last week there was an explosion of activity on forums from here to timbuktu criticizing v3 and most seemed to be very disapointed which points to the fact that CPF has a very big fan base. I think its in Comodos interest to make sure that v3 is retuned to the highest standards since you have a very big reputation to live up to.
Which brings me back to my header: how long should I wait before I can download a bug free fully functioning v3?

I also wasn’t to happy with version 3 BUT i wont rip on Comodo about it because they offer all these great products for free. But i also had a few bugs/issues with CFP 3 and i am going to wait till about jan. 1st

There’s an update coming out at some stage in the near future (I heard this week?), so I’d wait till that has been out for a week or so, and then check out the forums for comments about the update.
That should give you a fairly good idea whether or not the issues that affected you have been resolved.

Every time CFP 3 has been initially released after each first numbered version like 1, 2, 3, etc. , we all should realize it’s going to be a HUGE leap from the previous. Give them time. Some of us has waited long enough, what’s another few days? Don’t forget v3.0.13.268 is still one of the FIRST releases of the 3.x saga.

If we are to look back in the history releases (even though that one is incompletely documented), we can see Comodo has come very far. I wasn’t here since the inception of version 1 or the early stages of version 2, but I can tell you they deliver based on user complaints/bug reporting/requests. A lot of the wishes in the wishlists have been fulfilled! Of course they can’t fulfill everything (especially when you have conflicting requests, in which case they’re left in the middle to pick the path they deem best), but we have to loosen the tension for them, if only a little bit.

If you have Vista or are willing to buy something like Acronis True Image, then you can image your disk and enjoy the benefits of Comodo early-and get your oar in if you have any problems, or don’t like certain features. I started out with disastrous problems on RC1, a few issues that made me uninstall the final a couple of times until I could figure out how to solve them, and now have only one real remaining broken item that seems to not be widespread, and is not a real problem to me. Comodo even helped me find some unrelated Vista problems in my system. If you don’t use imaging software, you are underestimating the complexities of making lots of stuff from independent developers work under an operating system that has no information on what they are-and security software has the most complex interaction with the OS and the internet.