How long it takes for unrecognized file to be recognized?

I have such file since Jan 26th and it’s status is unchanged. Will it ever be recognized as good or bad?

I would like to hear some feedback from Comodo on this also.
I have also right clicked the UNKNOWN file listed in CIS under Unrecognized File and SUBMITTED the file to Comodo.
It is still there listed as UNRECOGNIZED. Once recognized… I would assume the file would be removed from Unrecognized Files?

The times to process files differs.

When submitting them here on the forums in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2015 it will get processed more quickly. But even then mileage varies.

How does one know once Comodo white lists the file when submitting it through the CIS interface?
When Comodo releases an update for CIS… will the unknown file be removed from the CIS Unrecognized Files window automagically?

What exactly happens here?
Do we have to purge the file from this list ourselves?
I’m not sure I follow how this process works but I’m hoping it’s somewhat automated.
So all I have to do is keep checking the Unrecognized Files window to see if the file is now gone as it’s now recognized by CIS.

Feedback? :slight_smile:

The cloud lookup will tell CIS when a file has been white listed. CIS will then move it from Unrecognised Files to Trusted Files.

Thank you Eric! :-TU