How long does it take for suspicious files to be pushed into updates?

I’ve just submitted 60+ suspicious, well certain malware to ‘malwaresubmit[ at ]’. How long does it take to analyse and to be pushed into updates?

To be exact, It takes 20 mins to Analyze a malware, An hour if it is REALLY nasty - And if you want it done properly, to avoid False Positives as well, etc.

The malware you submitted should be in the Database in the next FEW Updates, Depending how many files get submitted to the labs.


Yeah, Things should imporve in future, right now comodo is drowning in malware samples (Thats a good thing)

Btw, Thanks for submitting the samples :slight_smile:

Right, thanks for the replys! Just scanned again and it’s removed two that it didn’t this morning. Slowly getting the job done. ;D

I’ll set up a scheduled scan daily and hopefully all the files will be gone in time. Also, am I best off submitting them by email or by the Comodo suite? I’m looking to shove a load threw soon.

By Email.

malwaresubmit at Try this tool too! :slight_smile:


With more than three years submitting malwares to many AV companies I can say that Comodo has the less response time analysing our submissions. That is what make Comodo the most fastest growing AV company.