How long do you use COMODO AV?

Comodo Firewall and Defense+ is a well known reliable product. Comodo IS is at the top of proactive test. But I don’t know any tests of Antivirus component of Comodo.

  • Does anybody know independent tests of Comodo AV (not a Comodo’s Firewall or Defense+ components)?
  • If you have some experience in using Comodo AV, please say it.

Thank you

I know that Comodo’s AV does have quite a high detection rate.
I used Comodo’s AV for a while and was satisfied with it. I switched to Avast because of it’s web shield.
The best independent tests of Comodo’s AV would come from Youtube.

Some of the tests given here are for the AV component.

I use CIS with the AV because IMHO its faster to have the entire thing load up rather then Firewall and a separate AV. BUT it DOESN’T matter WHICH AV you have even AVG or Immunet because what slips by those gets captured by Comodo’s D+ or Sandbox (Same goes with what isn’t in Comodo’s anti virus sigs). :smiley: So your safe no matter what. :smiley: Go Comodo!!! Keeping us safe no matter what we use as our AV. :-TU

I agree 100%! By itself in its entirety is the only “security” system you will need. I use CIS and Malwarebytes together for the reason why I believe it is a “Web security” service. But otherwise CIS is all I or you or anyone will ever need. :slight_smile:


One thing that I’ve learned since I started using comodo , two years ago, is that the AV is a usability helper module more than a protecting one. So, whether the AV is there or not, it doesn’t make any different. But , comodo’s AV has a good detection ratio and that would help you " sometimes " deciding whether the file is safe or not :slight_smile: .

I have been using CIS for quite a while now. The experiences I have had with the AV side of CIS has been very good. Back awhile ago I had a very undernourished system and CAV was the only av I could find at the time that did not effect its performance, so I started using it. I have had no problems with crashes or malware at all. I now have a slightly better system and I installed CIS without any thought or hesitation at all, it would not matter how good of system I had now CIS is the only thing I would use on it. I don’t have any tests for the av side of CIS for you other than my real life experiences with it, and those experiences have gave me very positive results and gained my trust. Kind regards.

I agree 100%! By itself in its entirety is the only "security" system you will need. I use CIS and Malwarebytes together for the reason why I believe it is a "Web security" service. But otherwise CIS is all I or you or anyone will ever need. :-)
I agree with this too, I guess the possible thing you could possibly add to it but it purely (optional) is having a complete backup image of windows, but thats it. There is absolutely nothing else needed :)

i only use comodo firewall with sandbox disabled
i dont think i am going to use the av until DACS comes around
and once the sandbox matures some more i will start using it

I find CAV weak in detection. Yesterday I scanned my cousins pendrive with CAV & it found 31 malwares. Scan with Malwarebytes found 304 malwares & I was shocked. So I again scanned with CAV with Cloud & Rootkit scan enabled & it found the same 31 malwares. So I downloaded Avast & it found 301 malwares. Then I downloaded MSE 2 & it too found lots fo malwares & I removed the malwares with MSE 2. I again checked with Malwarebytes & this time Malwarebytes didn’t found anything. I must say MSE 2 has improved a lot & getting better.

MSE 2 has Heuristics or not??

Melih is right!! CAV i.e Comodo Antivirus in CIS is for Usability & it really seems so. But it would be good if it works as a full blown AV rather than Usability thing. I myself find less improvement in CAV compared to other components of CIS i.e D+ & SB.

Just thought to share this with you guyz.


@naren They may be false positives, or they may be one infection that comodo does not detect. For example those malware detections may have been one infection that has lots of associated files. It really is not a reliable test.

OHhk I remember now. You may be right. Coz when I scanned with MSE 2, it found 2 malwares but when I checked the details, there was 1 malware & the other malware had all the malwares i.e as you said associated files.

Thanxx for the info.


Happily running CIS on 150+ Pc’s . Not infections or intrusions yet. Only users accidently blocking software sometimes.

:smiley: :-TU

to ghotza: very interesting experience, could you specify:

  • for how long this huge number of comps are successfully protected,
  • is there constant connection to the Internet?

Thank you

Answer 1 : From CIS 3.0
Answer 2 : Yes they are all connected to the internet

This quote makes for a good recommendation for CIS, well done. :slight_smile:
Edit- Sorry for being !ot! here. Do you agree each version did improve along its journey? Thanks.

Yes I do agree - From version 3 to now the same PC’s has had ever so slightly speed improvements as CIS got lighter and more streamlined. I only hope thay can keep up this good work and supply us with even a better product in the furture.

Edit - Sorry for taking long to reply

I have been using CAV since September.

Valentin N

That is very nice, but not required. It was not long at all, and besides that even if it was we all have lives to live outside this Forum.

Yes it has got lighter, and Comodo has done a great job.
Thanks for your reply and Kind regards to you.

Disabling the sandbox slows down things like batch scripts. :wink:
So for maximum performance it should be enabled, even if that means you that need to create some rules yourself.

Been using CAV since I found out that the full CIS suite has a much lower overhead than many other full suites, and that mixing other AV’s in gives nasty bad performance.