How large are the AV signature updates?

I’m stuck on Satellite for a while now and limited to 200MB per 24 hr period. Comodo’s AV updates are killing my bandwidth usage…Why are they so large? Just like to know if this is the way it’s going to be or just a temporary thing…might have to move back to AVG.
Is there anyway to tell Comodo a time to check for updates…From 2 am to 6 am, when the bandwidth restriction is lifted?
Or at least a way to disable auto update. I could stay up till 2 am once or twice a week to do the update.

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You can uncheck the option “Check for updates before scanning” or something like that in AV->settings → real time, manual and scheduled scanning.

I thought about that, but I figured that meant to check before doing a scan… manual or scheduled. In my situation, the updates just start downloading without any notice to me and soon after the machine powers up, without even doing a scan…that uses-up most of my tiny allotment of bits from the Hughes Co. If there was a way to do this after 2 am…there’s no bit limit.

I’ll give your idea a shot though and see what happens.

Do you know how often per day the signatures are updated, and how many times per day the app will check for updates? I thought about setting a scheduled scan every night at 2 am, having the box checked to do the update, I would then get 1 update per day. But that won’t work if the sw checks multiple times per day and the signatures are updated several times per day…just a thought.


In the workaround as described you also need to disable the automatic update for the Real Time scanner.

To have a scheduled scan you can then make a scheduled scan and set it to update before doing the scheduled scan. Let it scan an empty folder or folder with a few files in it.

The incremental updates are several hundreds of kB per day. I must say there have recently been several updates for the bases.cav that required a full download. That was out the of ordinary though.

OK…Last night I did 2 long updates and 2 restarts and everything seems right now.

I don’t think my machine has been waking up to do the update set at 2 am …Probably causing the problem of having so many updates to do…I guess it could have been waiting for a needed restart that my lack of attention failed to notice.
Will Comodo wake the computer for a Scheduled Scan, or do I need to run a Windows Scheduled Task to do so?
This machine is one of two HTPC’s and is usually only out of standby to record 2 shows and transfer them to the main HTPC for viewing at my leisure.

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I have no clue to whether CIS will wake the computer for a Scheduled Scan. I haven’t heard of it; but that that doesn’t mean it might though…

Just an FYI… while doing some reading, ran across this thread that answered my question. (others are and are not having the same problems as myself since 3.12)

Hopefully a new version, down the road, will allow scheduling large updates at a predetermined time.

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