How is this compared to Avast anti virus home addition?

I know the home version is just a stripped down version of the full one but it still has the multiple shields. How is the Comodo virus scanner? I know if its by Comodo its a full version and not a stripped down one. How is this compared to avast home? I know its just at the beta stages and I’m going to wait for the full version. I was just wondering how it is so far.

I think that CAVS still needs a lot of work to can be compared with other AV’s…

Maybe in 1,5 or 2 years…

Oh Yes there is still much to be done to improve CAVS. However, I suspect that when CAVS 2 is released next year (I hope!) it will do very well if tested against many of the available products.

I also have every faith that Comodo will continue with improvements (as they did with the Firewall) and that this time next year the antivirus will be as good as any on the market.


I have no doubt that Comodo will be as good as the main AV’s, but the path is still long for the next times… :wink:

Yes indeedy, but the journey will be fun!


I’ll see how it ends up. I’ll stick with avast for now. I think a free anti virus that is as strong as the pay for versions is awesome. Thats why I got Comodo Firewall.

I think it’ll be far sooner than that! Look at CPF 1 year ago,now it’s just about the best firewall on the market (paid or free). (J)

Actually did CPF even exist 1 year ago? Time flies so fast!

Em, don’t forget that avast! isn’t just sitting there waiting for competition to drive over it…

I currently use avast! Professional on my main PC, and still recommend avast! Home Edition as a free antivirus and encourage people to purchase the Professional version if they like it, I do this because at the moment Comodo is not finished, I have done a lot of testing with Comodo Antivirus and it isn’t ready yet, which is why it is a beta. However I believe 100% that Comodo will become one of if not the best antivirus products on the market as long as Comodo keeps up the good work :slight_smile:

I agree…


None of the guys at Zonealarm, Outpost etc was just sitting there wiating for competition to drive over it…

but we did it! :slight_smile:


Just wondering why Windows security alerts reports that there is no Antivirus installed after installing and updating? How does it interact with Windows security? Or does Microsoft have to add it to some list of anti virus products before it will realise there is antivirus software installed?


As Comodo Antivirus is still in its beta phase it will not be detected by Windows, however it should be detected in the final release.

Well, that might be true, however, antiviruses aren’t the same as firewalls and you can’t just reach something that others have worked on for years in so short time regardless of resources at your disposal.

I respectfully disagree!

Throughout history, we have seen companies and even countries come and go and innovation never stops. One minute Yahoo was the search leader, then came Google etc.

Innovation is the key!