How is it going?


How is this project going?

Personally, I am following it very close, because I am looking for another online backup service than Mozy Free.

But it dosn’t seem like there is being reported a lot of bugs and the dev is not releasing new editions? Is this “on hold” until CIS and Comodo Time Machine is finish? :slight_smile:

Just curious.

Other products that are being developed do not affect any other product due to the fact that each product has its own project leader and team. In other words, the CTM/CIS developers have nothing to do with the COB developers.

Of course…I’m only a regular user, but this is what Melih has said in the past. :slight_smile:

We have monthly releases for Comodo Online Backup. Some of them are pure performance/stability releases. Some will add new features.
Next release will add web interface to recover file (something that is missing/was really needed for a long time).

Thank you for the update.

So I will continue waiting for this software to be final.