How is Internet Explorer getting through Firewall to access the Internet

I have installed Comodo Firewall (not Anti virus) v4.1.150349.920 O/S= Vista

The entries under Application Rules are:

The entries under Global Rules are:

I can use Internet Explorer to access the internet.

BUT I cannot see how Internet Explorer gets through the Firewall. There does not seem to be any rules that grant permission?? “System” is only allowed access to the home network (named Linksys Network") not to the external internet.

I thought that it might be because Internet Explorer is from a Trusted Software Vendor (Microsoft) and hence Comodo automatically gives permission to access the internet as Internet Explorer is a deemed “safe” application. But I have Comodo on another PC and Internet Explorer cannot get internet access without the Windows Operating System being allowed internet access under Application Rules".

Can someone help to resolve my connundrum??

Many thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What is your security level? Try changing the overall level to Proactive Security and your Firewall Security Level to Custom Mode Policy.

You can change the overall level by starting the GUI > More > Manage My Configurations and activate Pro Active.

For the Firewall, start the GUI > Firewall > advanced > Firewall Behavior Settings.

This should force CIS to ask before even Trusted Applications access the web.

Hope this helps


In the default state, CIS should not ask for permissions for IE and it should not even create any rules for it. You have to change the configuration or put a check in the box that says “create rules for safe applications”. Neither of which I would personally do. The fewer alerts and rules, the better, in my opinion.