How is CPF V3 coming along?

I am actually very content with my security suite right now. CPF, NOD32 , and SpySweeper (as well as smart surfing habits), keep my system clean and protected. All are stable programs. All are working great. So there really is no rush for me. I would rather version 3 hit my system as a highly refined product rather than a product that should still be in beta.

Just curious to here some news.

totally agreed.
CPF has a good tradition of being top notch for each release :slight_smile:

So v 3 is now being developed and will go into beta… once all the bugs have been cleared (the ones we can find anyway :slight_smile: ) then we will release it to public.

CPF v3 will be the future of new firewalls and we will see the market follow what we are doing with v3.


Do you think CPF version 3 will be released to the public in the next year? Six Months?

Of course, I am not going to hold you to it. Just wondering what you think the timeline will be. Based on our previous discussions, I am excited to see all the new features of CPF V3.

Not in a rush mind you, just excited.

I use Microsoft’s free Windows Defender in conjunction with Comodo Personal Firewall and AntiVirus. It’s like two peas in a pod; they work well together. Microsoft’s Windows Defender does an excellent job in securing my computer. Like yourself, I too, practice “smart surfing habits.” I might also add that, the new IE 7 for Windows XP is a notch above the former IE 6. I especially enjoy the built-in phishing/fraud filters that checks each website; total security across the board.

I am hoping that someone on the CPF v3 development team can respond to this. But I am thinking that having a designated antipsyware application may be unnecessary once CPF V3 comes out.

Can anyone comment?

Tell me more. Will the new CPF v3 have antispyware application built into it?

No, I don’t believe it will have antispyware built in. However, my underatanding is that it will have HIPS as well as a sandbox application.

That combo would make it extremely difficult for spyware to get on the PC.

Ah, I see. I’m overall pleased with both the AntiVirus and Personalfirewall. Antivirus is still in beta testing. Any word when the final product will be released?

Producing software is like producing babies (in more than one way - LOL) - it’ll be ready when it comes and it’ll come when it’s ready. I would rather that Comodo take two months longer than announced and make sure it ready than stick to a schedule that has little basis in functionality.

Ewen :slight_smile: