How I use CIS and quick test (video)

Here is a review of how I use CIS, how I set it up and a quick test. This video also shows how to setup the system so you can easily get 340/340 while still using the sandbox

Nice video. Great information and user-friendly explanations. :wink:

I still think the Sandbox needs a little improvement. You’re exact settings fail to give me a 340/340 on my WinXP Pro system. The only way for me to get a clean report is to disable the Sandbox.

Thanks for the review. It was very informative and gave a clear picture of the situation with the sandbox enabled but with automatic installer detection disabled.

Thanks guys maybe now people can see that you can get perfect leak test results with the sandbox enabled. Why on Grizzly’s system it does not I don’t know. Maybe D+ created a rule for CLT and it is still there.

Nope. Just checked. No rule for clt.exe in my Defence + rule list.

what about d+ → advanced → computer security policy?

Yes, that’s what I checked. I have noticed that other users using the same settings got different results. It doesn’t seem to be consistent in the results. Maybe there’s something different in the various systems that changes the way CLT runs the tests?

Might be, did you also check my blocked files, my pending files? It has to be something on the system that is doing it.

Blocked files - Empty
Pending Files - Empty

Even with that exact config I fail on the DDE and Coat tests.

Finjan or WOT + CIS = cis + webguard.
The best combo.