How I take off allowed application?

I allowed by chanse application instade of blocks. Application abcense in list “Application monitor”. Please, help me! :):slight_smile:

What mode is your Defense+ in?? Switch it to safemode & reboot.

If the application is not listed in the Application Monitor part then “remember” wasn’t ticked on the alert. Is the Application listed in your “My Pending Files”?? You can quarantine, block the file from there too!

EDIT: You might need to reboot in order for the changes to take effect.


Defense is used, setting is Tasks - on, Application Monitor - on, Network Monitor - on, Component Monitor - learning. Application was ticked on and it is in list “connections”, but it isn’t in “application monitor” - I don’t know. I not find “My Pending Files”. Quarantine not helped me. /// Excuse me for awful english (Я и русский - толком не знаю)

If you could post a Screen Shot (A picture of your Comodo Settings) that would help a great deal.

Your “Pending Files” are on the Right Side Under" Proactive Defense" (See Attached Picture). Click on “waiting for your review”

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Ups! :blush: I mistaked forum (need learn english). I have FireWall Pro. There aren’t this settings. ///

Please, Transfer this theme in necessarry forum.

That’s fine. Firewall Pro is the same just without the Antivirus element.

Can you explain which version you are running?