How I intend to use COMODO

Hi all,
Firstly, I have no issues with the latest release COMODO FW. All is working fine it seems andI have switched to paranoid mode, for a reason which I will try to explain.

But it seems to me comodo is doing a great job on my pc, no slowdowns and some useful features I found I can use to assisit me in finding a solution to this nagging problem with Excel !
The problem is stated here:

In my case,
I run a Excel workbook that uitlizes a dynamic web query for real-time data. I simply use the data to crunch numbers. ( I personaly don’t have much other use for a computer, except to email tech questions or play some gammon, but that’s about it.
I don’t have the latest gizmos nor latest of the latest, no cams, no bellls and whistles. All is very very simple at this stage.

I am trying to find why Excel freezes up as explained in the support section of the above URL.
I need to find what XP OS process causes this annoying and frustrating glitch, because each time this happens, I need to attend my pc, shut down Excel with the task manager and start the macro all over again. This is F*&^%%^*%ng annoying !!!

It will run fine for about 30 minutes, sometimes up to 2 hours. Then all of a sudden for no visible reason it will freeze during a web query.
It has been doing this for 12 months or so and some of you have prpbably read a few posts elsewhere on similar isssues and no real answers.

I am not a programmer, I just know a little VBA and some tweaks, I just want to do my numbers crunching and have developed my own version of things by simply coding away every mouse klik when using Excel. Eliminate the Mouse Klik is my “game” with VBA !
But I can’t seem to get rid of this annoying glitch.

Lately, I discovered with the latest version of COMODO, I can klik on the SUMMARY window and look at TRAFFIC.
This is perfect, I can see my web querys and I hope I can catch out what will cause Excel to freeze if some background process starts.
Note, all auto updates are off.
If anyone has a better idea or a clue to what might be causing Excel to freeze my process, please let me know, much appreciated.

Anyone is welcome to help or make suggestions on this test.