How I got v3 to work [INFO]

Like others I had problems installing v3 of the firewall, namely slow boots and general slowdowns and system freezes. I installed it using the following instructions and it’s working great so far. If this has been posted somewhere else or should be posted somewhere else I apologize. Hope this helps:

1.Uninstall all security programs that run at startup. Antivirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall, etc.
2. Cleanup files and registry (I use Ccleaner)
3. Manually delete folders related to these programs in C:/Programs files, C:/ Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data, C:/ Documents and Settings/Owner/Application Data and C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/Local Settings/Application Data.
4.Disable all startup programs from Run>msconfig. Reboot.
5.Enter Task Manager and End process for any other non system process. (In my case this was Diskeeper, Wallpaper Toy and UPH Clean.)
6. Install Comodo Firewall. Reboot.
7. Reinstall AntiVirus, etc. one at a time as long as there is no conflict.

A program that requires you to do all that to get it up and running should not be released to the public IMHO. v2.4 runs fine, I will stick with it for the immediate future.

Granted. But considering all the hard work that the Comodo team did to get this program out I thought that doing a “clean install” was the least that I could do before judging them. (L)

Hi smilingralph

Thanks for hanging in there with your support for Comodo. Sometimes these things happen as each system is so different from the next. The majority of those who are using CFP are having no trouble at all or we would see ten times as much traffic on the forums as there is. Unfortunately there are the ones like yourself that run into problems and the volunteers on the forum are here to help out wherever possible. It is good that you found a solution yourself.


Boy, I certainly hope not. Your servers are stressed to the max as it is. (:WIN) Keep up the good work IMHO v3 is a “State of the Art” Firewall.


Uninstalling is a bit drastic. I just disabled the resident protection of my antivirus and shut down BOClean, and CFP installed all right.

That’s crazy. Don’t uninstall anything, but instead shut off your AV and AS apps if you think it will help.

Sorry, but I’ll use something else before I resort to that insanity.