How I fixed my Windows Defender Updates & WinXP Automatic Updates

So I’m bouncing along merrily when Windows defender pops up a note that it’s 2 weeks out of date and puts a tray icon in the systray with “??”… so i try force a manual update… no go.

Then I realize… hmmm, patch Tuesday has come and gone… where the heck did those updates go?

So I’m scouring my NM Rules, then App Rules… where i notice that my svchost.exe TCP & UDP Out is set to Block (parent of system). So i change those to Allow, reboot, and Voila!

I must have gotten click happy one day on the app block rules ;D 8) :smiley:

This firewall makes me very happy, because for the first time in my life I can veto something! There’s a question if something is allowed to go on Internet and I say ‘no’, and again ‘no’, and again.

And finally, the next day or so, I say ‘yes, now you may go’ and feel really powerful! It’s the only thing in my life always obeying me!

So I solve this kind of problems all of the time. :wink: (S)