How I can help this project with Russian translate ?

Hello to all!

I`m from Russia, and bad know the english. But I want to help this project, with russian translation that he became more popular on territory of the Russia.

It`s possible?

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Some new languages should be introduced to CIS soon.
As you can see here, the multi lingual tool should be released soon as well. :wink:

To .FaZio93. : Thanks, I shall wait and regularly visit this forum.

I upgraded CIS to 3.8, but I don`t see any translations except English (:SAD)
When your lang tool will be available?

As you can see from Melih’s post: soon, but there is currently no set date. It’s whenever COMODO is ready.

March hopefully =) (:WIN) (:WIN)

Thanks, friends)