How I block an especific software to access internet?

I have Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 installed on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.
For banking I had to download and install Trusteer Rapport from IBM. Problem is, each time I connect to Internet, this Rapport takes over, accessing the Internet - I can see it listed when I open Comodo where it shows the list of programs accessing internet. I can´t do anything else while this Rapport not finishes, because it slows everything else. I have an option bo “block all” for the traffic, but is there an option I can ONLY block this Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is just a commercial product ‘approved’ by banks as part of some business deal. It does nothing that a good and proven security application like CIS doesn’t do. Used with CIS, it will conflict and will cause problems. It’s up to you, to make a choice

Also, I don’t know of any bank that makes you use Trusteer . . . . they may advise, but that is all

Identify the path to the application that is using the network by using show full path under view connections, then use block application firewall task.

Thanks for reply. Found it and with it, the manual of CIS with other info. Thanks.