How good is the firewall and sandbox

Hello all.

Ok I’ve been using another program for my Sandbox protection. Its called BufferZone and its not too bad. So far is done a very good job in protecting the OS from code exploits which come through the browser via vulnerability. What I would like to know whether Comodo done a thorough job in providing the same level of protection as what I have seen with BufferZone ? Is there a way that I can test the browser running Sandboxed against such browser vulnerabilities ? Would there be some sites which attempt exploit the browser ?

I can tell you for a fact that there are some vulnerabilities in the wild that have not been patched to date making them 0 Zero Day exploits. These vulnerabilities extend to all versions of IE and Firefox. I don’t know about Chrome or Torch.

The reason that I would like to switch over to Comodo is because it comes with a decent firewall. BufferZone does not have one.

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.


For the sandbox, please see the evaluation: here.

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