How good is Comodo AV?

Hoping for some unbiased opinions here.

Got to replace AVG 7.5 when it ends, and I want to know if Comodo AV is any good. Obviously I’ll have to try it for myself to find out for sure, but I would like to know others opinions as well.

Have some friends business PCs we’ll probably try it out on…

I’d strongly suggest waiting for CAVS 3. You can subscribe here (bottom of the page) go get informed when it’s released.

I think it’s better you stay with AVG for the moment. The detection for CAVS 2 isn’t the greatest at the moment but still evolving.


Evolving? I installed v2 beta on my Daughters computer a year ago June. Is v2 released yet?

V2 will never come out of beta, but the new CAVS 3 is waiting around the corner :). You should be fine though with CAVS2 if you have HIPS enabled .



Kindly let me know what HIPS mean? I am sorry I am new to COMODO. Or direct me to the right area where I can get more info. Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Kyle.

CAVS alone can’t protect your PC effectively. But CAVS + CFP + Defense+(HIPS) is strong guard…