How "good" is CIS 3.5 antivirus???

How good is CIS 3.5 antivirus?? Would you recommend it??
Are there any test results???
Thanks for answering

No official testing has been done yet. But for now COMODO Antivirus is lacking signatures for older viruses and it also lacks heuristics (which will be implemented later). The detection is not stunning now, but it’ll get better with time (B)

I think the detection is fairly “Decent” It’s not great like avast!\avira etc… It’s mainly missing older signatures

1995 malware is disabled, so off course they won’t go after that. :wink:

COMODO are focusing on live malware, and the ball is rolling really well now thanks to the malware research group, CIMA, etc…


yeah yeah, i know you’re excited 88) you got typo ;D

Fixed. ;D

(CLY) I love the new CIS but am concerned about the detection rates at the moment…Is it advisable to run TWO antivirus programs at once?
If this is OK which other antivirus program should I temporarily install (until the detection rate improves) ?

I already scan regularly with Spybot S&D and have CBOclean and Safesurf running from boot up.
I Always scan any file I download from the interwebNET before opening.



Replace BoClean and SpyBot in favor of SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes AntiMalware and use them for on-demand scanning. And upload every suspicious file (to 10 mb in size) to VirusTotal. Your good to go :wink:

We now have a very good community of people submitting us samples (malware). When we get these we create the signature update and update everyone. This is one of the main ways how AV firms get hold of new malware. So the more users contribute the better the detection will be. We have an amazing community helping us! We are already seeing examples of CIS catching malware that other AVs missing.



CIS isn’t a traditional antivirus solution and don’t be compared to any other AV vendor solution. We have the most powerful Host Intrusion Detection System and Firewall in the world. CAVS still growing as it can and catch a lot of in-the-wild malwares.

Actual CIS prevention and protection are good enough to all users.

Maybe in next future our AV Lab starts to receive VirusTotal samples. This will be great!

Do you mean D+, which can detect 60% of unknown malware?
CAVS won’t have heuristics till early '09.

CAVS signatures-based can detect a lot of in-the-wild viruses. D+ plus CFP can prevent a much more number of malwares…

Never heard of that, but cool. ;D

So, is it suggested that we have a second antivirus? Should we still keep a malware program like BoClean and a spyware program like Adaware or the like?

Its not recommended to run 2 AVs at the same time. If you mean another one for on-demand, I guess so.
Keep boclean for now. It will be integrated in the future
Trash ad-aware for SUPERantiSpyware or Malwarebytes Anti Malware for on demand.