How good is CFP 3 without Defense+ and without leaktest

Hello everybody. I’ve been using CFP 3 for a few months now but for me I found there were too many popups for my liking with Defense+ enabled. I tried it without Defense+ but with the Leaktest feature enabled and found that with Leaktest enabled some part of Defense+ was still enabled.

I’ve tried it with just the firewall installed with no Defense+ and no Leaktest feature and can put up with the popups in this mode.

What I would like to know is if it is still a sturdy firewall without Defense+ and without the Leaktest feature.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Sturdy and solid as it can get, BUT as firewall ONLY!

I honestly don’t get any pop ups from D+ unless I install something new. I manually add all my programs into the firewall and D+ so I don’t get alerts. You can also use the “training” mode untill all your programs are learned. It doesn’t make sense to not use D+ since there are so many benefits to HIPS protection in todays society.

OK as a firewall, but the real advantages are from the use of D+, even if you only use it for leak protection. Lots of other choices for XP, and even a few for Vista to investigate if you want a plain vanilla firewall. I didn’t/don’t use Comodo with XP. And have managed to survive in the past with just the Windows Vista firewall while waiting for the 3rd parties to catch up with Vista. But better is to learn how to use it, since I rarely get popups in Paranoid mode, Custom mode.