How good is CAVS on Storm BotNET

Hi Guys,

Since early of the year, Storm BotNet has been quite fierce in exploiting PCs around the world, I wonder CAVS is designed to cater for this too? I used to be a Kaspersky Personal Antivirus users, unfortunately, I have to renew my license annualy, which is the thing I don’t really like. During my search for a free and equally good AV software, I finally landed here by referring to some forum posts elsewhere when I do a Google search.

I tried out CPF first, and I like it very much, it just like the Agnitum Outpost Firewall I used to have and I think it’s equally good or better, moreover, it’s free!

So I’ve decided to try out the CAVS as well and throw away KAV (Kaspersky), since it’s expiring soon. But I do have concerns here, as the CAVS is not as active and effective in capturing malicious scripts, codes and applcation detected from the browser, normally it just let it pass through while KAV does detect it and warn the user and prompt for actions. I wonder whether CAVS would be improved towards that direction too.

Please enlighten me abit if any of you know anything on that :wink:



CAVS (at the moment) has very bad detection rates, but instead it got HIPS which is able to block almost all viruses.

I did some search and found this:;msg70298#msg70298

It’s about 4 months old tho, but I guess they’re still working on it.

And remember, CAVS is still in BETA stage, so I think the software itself is more important to work on(bugs, tweaks etc.), than the virus database.


Currently the only possible chance for a user to disable Storm if they are infected is with HIPS. It would be able to stop Storm from sending and receiving data.

Storm is a very, very tricky worm, and currently no antivirus solution can detect it as it is constantly changing its core code, also each infection is a bit different as one PC that is infected may serve as a botnet, another may serve as just a host waiting for instructions, and another may serve as just a source to spread the worm.

Storm currently is not going for a mass infection, it is infecting a smaller amount of machines then usual worms to what seems to be at the moment, data collecting, but as it is a worm I am sure once it is finished, it will having something else in store…

So at the moment the only way of 100% removing Storm is by reformatting your PC, but the only issue is, most people, even the tech savy users, don’t know if they are or are not infected, that’s the scary part :’(

ok understood both of your point here, btw, sorry to OT a bit, is it safe to say that Storm is only targetting windows user right now? I’m a Ubuntu user myself too (remind me when I saw your avatar). So am I safe for the time being as a Linux user? (:KWL)