How exclude external drive

I’ve read the forums, etc., but still can’t figure this out. I use a Seagate external backup drive, which hitherto CIS has scanned with no problems. Yesterday it reported 37000 problems with Seagate files. I tried to fix some of these, as an experiment, but CIS crashed. I have not detected any problems with it or the PC since. Given this, I would prefer not to scan this drive, drive F, but when I go into scan exclusions, I can exclude folders and programs, but not so far as I can see a drive. The text of CIS says I can exclude drives, but I can’t work out how to do that. Please advise and many thanks. :frowning:

are you trying to only exclude from the antivirus of all components of CIS?

Good question. If I want to exlude the drive from AV, how do I do that, and if from all of CIS, how do I do that?


Adds an exception scanning.

Many thanks. It was the drive ‘partition’ that threw me. Expedcted to read just ‘drive’. Why does it refer to a partition, which I thought refers to the C drive?

I think.
Unfortunately, exclude from the scan external media (USB) does not work.
I’ll check with the USB and it does not work. ???
Sorry but there is no answer. I will look further.
Here a CIS 5.10

Thanks. Let me ask another question. Have just run a smart scan which did not throw up any problems. Yesterday, a full scan threw up 37,000 problems with my Seagate external drive, none of which were in the event fixed. Can you explain this?

Yesterday it reported 37000 problems with Seagate files. I tried to fix some of these, as an experiment,...
How have you tried? I so understood 37 000 problem files found with CIS? What's in the a logs CIS? What is the problem? [u]And how today?[/u] With a CIS? If this is so, only explanation: Updating of bases of an antivirus. ???

How did I try? As the scan got to the 37000 mark, after 55%, I decided enough was enough, so stopped it, when I was also able (can’t remember how) to ‘apply’ the results’, so I clicked on that, when told a problem, when I shut the scan down

I have looked in the logs, where nothing relevant to this situation , nothing in AV, at all.

The problem is why the 37000 yesterday and not any time previously. Seagate diagnostics show no problem and backups work normally. I assume the 37000 is a product of the scan and nothing to do with Seagate.

In that connection, I note your earlier comment that CIS cannot deal with external data. You mention a USB. Is that maybe why it threw up the 37000, not knowing what it was supposed to be doing?

It just shows how many files are scanned. 37000 - 53%.
Why did you stop scanning me is not clear. ???

In that connection, I note your earlier comment that CIS cannot deal with external data.
I said that is not possible [b]to exclude from scanning[/b] an external drive. CIS will scan external drives. I think it's normal.

Yes, this is by design. External media is untrusted by default, because CIS has no idea what may have happened to the files on the drive when it wasn’t being monitored by the application.

Egemen had mentioned at one time that since CIS now recognizes files by file hash, it would now be possible to modify the code to allow for trusting external media. This hasn’t been implemented yet, and he has never mentioned a time frame of when this functionality may be added.

How interesting. So it is possible. Great to know. As a devout fan of Comodo and all things Comodo, I and I’m sure thousands of other fans would welcome this functionality, given the very untrustedness (if that’s a word) you mention of unknown ‘things out there,’ which currently cannot be avoided and on occasion I would have thought must be capable of being damaged by CIS when it scans them. If I have that right.

Many thanks everyone. I’ve certainly had a good ■■■■■ of the whip here, and it’s much appreciated.

That would be so were it not for the fact that each entry came with ‘clean’ at the end of the line, and. I think, ‘apply fix’ (Using Clean Endpoint/Full Scan)

HeffeD Thanks.
Thanks for confirmation of my thoughts.
It would be well simple to have an option in the CIS settings.
To scan external carriers or not.
Edit: I think this will come.
Good luck to all. :-TU