How effective is full virtualized in the BB

I emailed Melih about the BB setting (fully virtualised); he actually took the time to reply which I think shows how good Comodo is. However, he told me to come to the user forum as the answer(s) will be better explained; can anyone categorically say how effective/ protection offered by ‘full virtualisation.’

EDIT: i changed your title to be more descriptive, wasgij6

As far as I can tell no malware can harm the system from inside it. The only system effects I’ve seen are that sometimes a malware running in the sandbox can cause a BSOD, but I believe this is a bug which will be fixed in the future.

Also, some types of keyloggers can log keys from the Kiosk. Some can even log the actual computer as well. Also, there is currently a bug through which malware could potentially piggyback their data to their creators via the browser. It’s probably not likely, but it could happen.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Do you think it’s best to not use full virtualisation and wait for the BB to mature etc.,?

My advice for now is to use Untrusted. However, I believe that as soon as the Firewall bug is fixed I will be changing my advice to FV.

I agree with Chiron.

Once again I must stress once again you must be an advanced user in order to deal with ‘fully virtual’ BB issues. So you better off with the untrusted level.

Firewall bug.??? :o