How does the trusted vendors list get updated?

I am asking this because a while ago i removed avira from that list (for a procedure which requests comodo defense+ to ask a question).
Until now i thought, removed entries would be re-entered after this list gets updated again. And i assumed it would update when i press under “more”: “Check for updates”.

But avira never showed up again.

It does get updated the way you have said but only if there is an updated list on Comodos end, until such time your list will stay as it is.
It doesn’t check your local list.

Would have been a while then.

Hi clockwork,
Can’t be certain of how long but it has been a long while since I have had an update for the TVL.

I think this happens via the Cloud AV functionality. So switching off the Cloud settings comprehensively (D+ and AV maybe) should switch off updates.

Haven’t validated myself, this is from the experiments of others

If you are interested in how to switch off the TVL in various ways there’s a FAQ on it in D+/Sandbox FAQs.

Hope this helps


I hope that “updates” are initiated by functions with the name “update” in it. I would not want to enable the cloud (sending things), when i just want to receive an update for the TVL.

And when the TVL is active even if i dont have the antivirus, the update for the TVL should not depend on the update for the antivirus which i dont have installed :smiley:

The only button for update which fits both premisses is the one under “more”, “check for updates”.

After the lately actual happenings with certificates and signatures (signed malware topic example), i think, the TVL should be kept updated. For all users!

Well I think updates in CIS are divided into things that need updating on the fly - whenever they are called upon, and things that are updated in batch. The things updated in batch have a button. There’s a usability and security advantage in having the TVL and TFL updated on the fly.

However I do think it would be nice to be able to switch off ‘on-the-fly’ TVL updates. Not everyone wants them.

Best wishes


It seems, i found the way to disable the “on the fly update” :smiley:

But i would want to update it at least manually, because the topic with signed malware grows each day :o